Sunday, April 20, 2008


Things that have happened since Friday at chez Lemon Pie:
Healthier eating (kind of)
Bruins in GAME 7. Holler.
Ironed an inhumane amount of fabric
Cut out a 20 piece pattern
...and then cut out a romper, a dress and a pair of ruffle bums! yeah!

Things going on today/tonight:
Reading the new Martha Stewart Living Mag (there is a section on Lemons...)
Find a good recipe in everyday food that will last me a few days
4 new tires for the vehicle. Yup, I said 4.
Sewing, sewing and a little knitting
Chili cook-off prep


This obv. means that there will be pictures soon right??

1 comment:

mary said...

I want pictures of everything. Even the tires. (I just typed tired. Yes, I am.)

Your weekend sounds productive and great!