Thursday, April 17, 2008


Update: I found my camera cord but, someone snagged the batteries. I am popping out hopefully tonight to snag another pack of rechargeables...until then I am still picture free.

Due to the camera debaucle, I am a few days behind 365 but, I will make up for it.

I think I have already mentioned this but, May 9th there will be a shop update! Dresses and ruffle bums for the girlies; rompers for the boys!

The comming week will be filled with lots of progress - I'll give a few sneak peeks before I reveal the whole shebang on May 9th.

Things to look forward to:
Long walks
Good movies
Lots of sewing
Sleeping in a little
Lots of blogging
Possibly a playlist


mary said...

I can't wait to see your shop goodies!

karey m. said...

stop. you had me at ruffle bums.