Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello. I'm back. It looks like I kept you busy while I was gone though.

Tara, Mary[Ruffle] & KareyM:

You really really do. Coming home to those oh so very kind words made my heart swell with thanks.

Disney was amazing and beautiful and insanely and thoughts are coming soon I promise. As soon as I get over the loveliness of these women [which will probably be never] I swear I'll be able to write again.

Friday, June 27, 2008


hello. my name is karey...{insert monotone, faux-thrilled hi karey!}...and i'm a fan of sarah. which is totally better than being an alcoholic.

{blink. blink.}

oh, dear. this isn't starting out well, is it? let me begin again...

hi. i'm karey. i'm a big fan of sarah. in fact, i liked her from the minute i saw her name. sarah faith. that just sounds lovely and sweet and honest and true, doesn't it? from that point on, my admiration's only grown.

sarah and i share a love of words. she's nearly always one of my first commenters on nearly every one of my posts. i've come to wait for them, those words of hers. because when she calls me her lovely or her dear, i believe her. plus? she likes it when i leave her naughty comments that make her giggle.

but that's not why i'm fond of sarah. not really.

priceless baubles mean absolutely nothing to sarah, or to me. for us, a piece of jewelry is just a piece of jewelry. until? until you add words. because then that piece of jewelry becomes a treasure. and it all-of-a-sudden means everything.

but that's not why i enjoy sarah. not really.

for reasons unbeknownst to me, sarah loves all things moustachioed.

and this is definitely not why i like sarah. not. at. all.

once upon a time, i wrote a story about my sister. {you may read it here if you'd like.} it was insanely personal. one of those posts where you hit publish and instantaneously burst into a ball of panic. not to mention tears.

and within minutes? there popped up sarah's comment. my first. of course.

you, my lovely, take my breath away. thank you for sharing such a heartfelt story. my eyes are filled with tears. the love you all have for each other is oh-so-amazing.

with that? my panic - poof! - disappeared. her words gave me a confidence in my words that i'd honestly never before owned.

and that's why i adore sarah.

sarah and i are both fans of melanie favreau's work. her etsy shop is like a treasure chest. oh, and eterna fede is latin for forever faithful. i thought that was appropriate for sarah.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Words and pictures

Happy Wednesday, lovely folks!

My name is Mary, and I am lucky enough to know Sarah through our editor roles at Kirtsy. She was the first editor I connected with personally - partly due to the fact that she also lives here in Massachusetts, but more so because Sarah is a pretty darn fabulous girl.

Among other things, Sarah and I share a love for inspiring words and beautiful images. I can think of no better way to honor my sweet friend during my guest posting duty for today with a few of my favorite quotes paired with some great eye candy. I hope you enjoy them, too!

via frolic! with credit to Getty Images

via turnipkit

via Jen Gotch

via Camilla Engman

via SylviaK

via b_espadana

via speckledegg

via Let's Explode

via 500CPM

via Nothing Mind

P.S. Be sure to check back Friday for a guest post by one of the best people ever.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Intro to my crazy mind, and other ramblings :)

Hello there!

Welcome to a peek into my world. My lovely friend who is venturing off to the world of fairies, fantasies and sun is allowing me to come into her world of blogging and add perhaps some of my flavor and spice.

She asked me to blog and I said "what will I write about?", I mean, don't get me wrong I have my own blog which I will post at the end of this. However I would dare to say that sometimes I wonder if anyone finds any of this as interesting as it is sometimes in my head. *laugh*

Do you really care what song I am relating to, or the newest picture of my darling nephew, or how I feel about *gulp* becoming a year older. Perhaps you are like me and have a hankering to step into someone elses thoughts for a moment. I know sometimes the things I even learn from myself when I reread my blogs is sometimes surprising.

Who am I you ask?

I am 32 (ugh) as of Saturday the 21st of June, and I feel fabulous. The night was full of eggs flying in the air, and shrimp tails being thrown at me (we went to a Japanese Steakhouse) and then amazing vocal styling happened in the ever so wonderful and cheezy lounge downstairs, that would not have been complete without the typical man in his 50's singing Frank Sinatra and dancing with me. Good times were had by all. Age is just what they say, merely a number, most days I feel 5 and still love to go to the park and swing like I am going to fly into the clouds.

I work at a consulting firm in Boston with wonderful people, and that is were I met this lovely lady, only to find that she lives 10 minutes from me. We kick each others butts at the gym and try as much as we can to give each other dating advice *you can laugh here*. I also sing in a Rock cover band off the south shore called "Too Loud" and I absolutely love it

Some things I love and random thoughts:

Music and singing: The power of music still amazes me and makes me feel alive. When I am performing with my band it makes any other worry on my mind just melt away

My nephews laughter: brings such a peace to my soul

My family: I cherish them more now that I know the sacrifices my mother made and how far all of us have come in life.

My cats Ella and Elvis: they have a way of making my day, whether it is a snuggle on the couch or a lick on the nose, they make my cares float away

The feeling of cool grass on my feet in the spring/summertime

The smell of the air after a midday thunderstorm

The end of a soft serve cone, when the ice cream is in the crevices on the bottom. MMMmm

The ocean and its constant ability to bring me right back to my core and allow me to feel at ease about this journey we are on.

The memory of my Nana and how soft the skin on her cheek felt when she hugged me hello, and the way she would laugh at my ramblings and always encourage me to sing and make music.

On the train, when I have my ipod on shuffle and a song I have not heard in weeks pops on and it just happens to relate to something I am thinking of or dealing with at that moment.


I have found that with my old age and craziness also comes even more of an appreciation for the simple things, the things that we take for granted when our mind is spinning out of control. These simple things vary from time to time, however the nakedness of what truly makes us happy and feeds us on a daily basis are the things that don't cost money, and are easily accessible at all times.

I have really liked stopping by here and being able to add some of my thoughts. I will leave you now with this:

“Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

And if you want to stop by my blog, please do.

It has been great "meeting" all of you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm not really sure how to begin this post....
Let's start here. My flight for Disney leaves at 3:oopm EDT today. The suitcase is packed. The carry on is stocked with essentials [extra clothes, book, knitting]. The limo [yes, limo] should be here any moment and I have some really exciting news to share.

Three of the loveliest women I know are going to be guest posting here this week.
That sentance deserves its own line because these three, well, I don't know anyone better. I am honored and flattered that these little miss busys could take the time to post here while I am gone. Seriously. I am going to let them introduce themselves though.
Why am I keeping them a surprise you ask? Well...since I won't have access to the interwebs while I am gone, their posts will be a surprise for me too. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think so. I will be really excited to see what they share and I know you'll be excited when you see who they are.

I know I am a tease...but it is worth it right?
Bon voyage!

Fine Art Photography by Irene Suchocki [IS Photography] can be found here.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I used’s Integer Generator to select the winners:
And here it is telling me the random number:
Congratulations to Jennifer who said, "Lloyd Dobler rules! Love the tees..." Please email me from the link on my blog and I'll put you in touch with the sponsor.
Remember: Fuzzy Ink would like to extend a 10% discount on all items for Lemon Pie readers. All you need to do is simply enter "Lemon Pie" as a coupon code at checkout for the discount. Now everyone can be a winner!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Twenty seven cents is all it takes:

To make someone feel missed...[heart stamp included]
To tell someone you like their style...

To let someone know they make you __________.....


To remind peeps that 12 midnight PDT TONIGHT is the last time to enter for a mustache t-shirt...

Rebecca Ann Rakstad [AKA Reba Rar Rar] of Rar Rar Press creates letterpress printed postcards. All of her products are pressed using hand set type. WOW.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am so sorry for my lack of posting this week. We are headed off to Disney World on Saturday so my nights have been filled with packing packing and more packing.
Oh, and planning. Lots and lots of planning so that we get to see and do all the *important* things on our list.
Does anyone have any tips for Disney? for airplane travel? for 90 degree weather?
*pictures from our last trip in 2006

Monday, June 16, 2008


I thank my luck stars everyday for the wonderful people I've met. Last week I arrived home from work to a little package waiting for me. The lovely Mary had put together so many things I have coveted over the past few months I have known her. And look how well she knows me! Scalloped edges, bakers twine, a ruled note card, a mustache! and see that little white scalloped envelope? Inside is lovley ribbon with an 'S' on it. Truly could not be more perfect.
Everytime I look at this package I cannot help but smile. You HAVE to check out Mary's serious talent. Also, if you didn't know, she's opening her own shop called Joppa Paper that I am waiting and waiting and waiting for because, knowing her, it is going to be fabulous.


Congratulations to Jennifer who said, "Lloyd Dobler rules! Love the tees..." Please email me from the link on my blog and I'll put you in touch with the sponsor.
AKA: Feel better, grow a moustache [updated: scroll down!]

In my book there is nothing better than a comfy t-shirt. You know those ones that you want to wear over and over and over. Enter Fuzzy Ink. OMG. I can’t remember where I first saw these but I just about died. Then I read some more about them and found out that not only do they have a tagless stamp for a label on the inside [key point to a comfy t-shirt] but each one is hand printed.

Mustache t-shirts + hand made = wonderful.

Right now there are six t-shirts that you can choose from:

My favorites are the Lloyd Dobbler [who in their right mind does not love him?!] and the Moustache Rides. So, after pouring over the site [and wanting everything] I got in touch with one of the Fuzzy Ink team members. Not only do they have great t-shirts but their peeps are awesome as well. I let John Paul know how much I loved their site and their products and you know what he did…he said he would hook us up with a giveaway. How cool is that?!

One lucky winner will win a Fuzzy Ink t-shirt [of their choice]:

I got 99 staches [but a beard ain’t one]

Stubble Trouble

Dirty Squirrel Escapade

Moustache Ride [smoothest ride you’ll ever find]

Stache Anything


Honestly, how do you choose? Also in your package will be some awesome stickers and [drum roll please] a novelty mustache.

Thank you Fuzzy Ink!

*Update: Fuzzy Ink would like to extend a 10% discount on all items for Lemon Pie readers. How sweet is that?! All you need to do is simply enter "Lemon Pie" as a coupon code at checkout for the discount. Now everyone can be a winner!

Giveaway Guidelines:
-You have until midnight PST on THURSDAY, June 19th to enter this giveaway.
-Just make any comment ON THIS POST to enter.
-Anonymous comments will be ignored/removed.
-One entry per person, please.
-The winner will be randomly picked and announced at the top of this post on Friday morning.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is the newest addition to our family. The flip camcorder. Small enough to fit into your purse and the perfect size for taking everywhere.

I thought this would be great to bring with us to Disney! next week and now I am thinking I'd like to use it everyday.

We just recorded some footage and played it back on the tv...I can't even tell you how impressed I am. You'll be seeing video here for sure.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Found this one in the depths of the hard drive. From last summer...or maybe the summer before?

The scene: Camping and lounging in new chairs...chit chatting the day away. All of a sudden my brother jumps up and runs for his life. A killer bee was the culprit.

This still makes me laugh.


This red porcelain basket makes me happy just looking at it. How wonderful to serve muffins in for a lazy Sunday breakfast or scones for an afternoon tea or warm rolls with dinner. One little basket so many big plans.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am digging this {via lioness den jewlery} like something fierce. The lovely KareyM. posted about them on Kirtsy and they have pretty much been stuck in my head since. Not to mention I adore The Great Gatsby and everything it stands for.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I would only participate in activity like this during 90 degree weather for these two little gals. You know why? They've got my heart wrapped around their baby fingers.


Friday started off with good friends and coffee
And ended with freshly manicured nails and a delicious glass of sangria.

All weekends should begin like this!
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Thursday, June 5, 2008


A new little space to hold all [or some] of my mostly used tools. That little green lid is a jar filled with buttons and darning needles and stitch markers. lux risa Moo cards that always make me smile [I am glad I ordered more]. A pattern piece that has fallen to the wayside. Disappearing ink used mostly for embroidery but sometimes in my sewing. That do-dad that looks like a ruler is one of the best tools I have ever purchased - it is used to make sure your hem/edge is straight [goodness knows I need that].

I am still putting together all of my notions [apparently I like to spread them out in different places]. The beginning of the spot that will house my thread. I love thread. I buy it even when I don't need it. Ribbon...don't get me started on the ribbon. A few of my favorite snippets are living there at the moment.

Scissors x2 + hammer + ruler. Blue scissors are for paper only and the fancy purple ones are for fabric. My mama always said you need 2 pairs. What I am really coveting are these.
Oh how lovely. I am also a paper craft addict and that little hammer is the best thing ever when it comes to adding eyelets and other embelishments. [Note: it is also fantastic for putting together Ikea dressers]

[Wrapping] Paper lined drawers [I can't remember where I saw this - my google reader? kirtsy? one of the two I am sure]. I like it - the paper is a reversible kind that you can order from school fun raisers, nice and heavy - I am thinking that I really want to do this in coordinating fabric though - in pretty yellows and greens to match:

This just makes me smile every gosh darn time I look at it. I am so lucky to have known my Great Grandmother, Alice, for such a long time. She was the epitome of a lady and she still knew how to have fun. To this day I can still remember the way her house smelled, how she had the same cookies in the cookie jar every time [Keebler fudge stripes], the way her skin felt all wrinkly and soft.

I grew up one street over from her and there was never a time that we were not visiting or she visiting us. A constant well of love, understanding and wisdom, I loved to sit and listen to her tell stories about her childhood, our family and of how much things had changed over the years - all while watching her hands as they click clacked with the knitting needles.

I think I could write about 'Great Gram' for hours.

This desk that she decoupaged is such a wonderful piece of her - it reminds me of where I get my creative streak and of how proud she'd be that I've continued on in something that was so very dear to her. One of the many reasons that what I do is so near to my heart.