Monday, August 2, 2010

19 days

here at casa de lemon pie we are currently singing to the tune of '19 days until wedded bliss'

can i tell you how exciting that is?!

after 18 months of planning and negotiating and basically being all consumed by 'the wedding' for the past 6 months we are nearing the end of our engaged journey and you know what...i am a little bit sad.

i know that there will be so much greatness in the future but i really have loved every second of planning.

i am really going to try and take some time over the next few weeks to really really enjoy it and relish it.

maybe the mister and i will even take one little last adventure as an unmarried couple ::le sigh::

Saturday, April 24, 2010

are you still here?

terrible i know this whole being gone thing.

however, there has been lots and lots happening.

moving and weddings mostly.

and growing.

lots and lots of growing. personally. professionally. and well i'd say that spring has sprung.

you'll be seeing me more [i say that a lot i know].

cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye. i swear i swear i will.

until next time


Saturday, January 9, 2010

head over heels

swooning over here folks.
like big time.

while searching for what seems to be an unattainable item for our wedding i was stopped dead in my tracks by the lovelier than lovely Ez.

oh i am sure that you already know her and she is probably already your bestie [i always seem to arrive i think what they call 'fashionably' late to the party] but i ... well i seem to have lost my words.

her little place on the internets creature comforts will seem to do that to you.