Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I lost my freaking camera cord. What?

I won't have pictures until I can find the dang thing.

Currently waiting to post:

365: Out
Homemade Whoopie Pies

Maybe it is a good thing I cannot see the whoopie pies though. Weight Watchers started today so I am going to try to be really good. I'll be honest and say that I do let myself have things that I want because I would go crazy if I did not - I might not have the whole thing, but I will have a few bites.

Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement - you peeps are some of the nicest I've 'met.'

SimpleSong: I have been drinking the Maxwell House Blue Jar with light cream - delicious. A little birdie also told me that instant expresso is quite delicious too!

2 comments: said...

It makes mornings fun. Like, bouncing-off-the-walls-like-a-rubber-ball-fun.

mary said...

As you can tell, I'm still in that mode. Sorry for the wacked out signature.