Friday, March 28, 2008


**I realized there was a typo in the ingredients, it should be 3/4 cup of crisco**

Sorry about that, now go make some cupcakes!


The Agenda (so far) looks something like this:

  • Dinner with good friends (and a menu of burgers, salad, tater-tots, cupcakes & red wine);
  • Road trip to an enormous fabric store;
  • Lunch with an old dear friend that I lost touch with;
  • Dinner at a lovely steakhouse (that I have never been to!);
  • Benefit (complete with live band) for Habitat for Humanity;
  • Hugs from my favorite half pints and girl time with their amazing Mom;
  • Lego tower building with my brother;
  • Mini chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting (this is an experiment).
There will be errands peppered in here and there (gym, library, target) but you get the gist of it. I won't be around much but I promise to take lots of pictures and regale you with tales of my adventures next week!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am not sure if Google Reader just made my life easier or will further cause more procrastination on my part.

First thing I do in the AM is read through my 'Daily Addictions' - now I can get them all on one screen.

I have two questions though:

1.) Why did I not know about this sooner?
2.) (So far)How did I live without this before?

Both of the above questions are boggling my mind right now...


{Image via cell phone camera}

Inspired by Mary(ruffle), last night I made a quick stop for cupcake supplies. I picked up some mini cupcake wrappers in spring colors along with some pastel crystals.

New method for making mini cupcakes: pour batter into ziplock bag, snip off corner and fill wrappers 2/3 of the way full. Perfect! Way less mess too!

One box of cake mix (I know, I cheated) made 48 mini cupcakes and 5 regular sized cupcakes.

I did NOT cheat with the frosting though! I made a batch of bakery/wedding cake frosting and added 2 capfuls of Lemon Oil (purchased at Whole Foods).

White cake + Lemon Frosting = heaven.

To frost the cupcakes I popped a GIGANTIC star-tip into a pastry bag and went to town. This is seriously the best way to frost mini cupcakes. Quick, easy and pretty! Add sprinkles and Viola!

Want to make your own yummy frosting? Have at it:

Decorator Frosting

2lbs of confectionery sugar
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup of Crisco
1 tsp. clear vanilla extract **I always wing it and add more**
Beat on high speed for 5 minutes. **I am not joking - really 5 minutes**

(you can also half this pretty easily, I do it all the time)

**You can add any other extracts you like to flavor. Since this frosting is really really white, you'll want to stick with clear extracts and oils. I got my lemon oil at Whole Foods but I know that Wilton carries a pretty solid line of oils that you can pick up most places that Wilton products are sold. The only Wilton oil I can really vouch for is the peppermint oil - I use it at Christmas for peppermint bark and it is phenomenal.**

Some of these came to work, some were given as thank-yous and others were eaten warm and frosted. Yum.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I posted over at Sk*rt about these babies a few weeks back but I think that they deserve their very own post. These underwears are the most comfortable things I have EVER worn in my entire life. My only problem is that I wish I bought more than just one pair!

Crude Heart has perfected underwear. Cute, hot fitting and super comfy. Wear 'em alone or with pants. Either way, you'll be in love.
(They do run a little big so if you are on the cusp, go with the smaller size, you'll be glad you did.) quick, go get some now!


Happy Easter! (a day late)

Some nasty cold snuck in this weekend and took away any remaining energy that I had left. I will say though - some good people stuck it out and brought me tea and goodies in bed.

Back in action today.

You'll be seeing more of me for sure!

Friday, March 21, 2008


This is New England which means that well into March we're still wearing fur hoods, scarves and carrying around Starbucks to keep warm.

Something about this photo makes me smile even if the windchill is hurting my cheeks. Maybe it is knowing that soon enough that hot chai will be an iced one and fur hoods will be replaced with cute flats.

Hello Spring!

[Note: In that Starbucks cup is a soy 6 pump extra hot no water chai. I read that this is what Madonna drinks so I had to try it and now my Starbucks experience has been changed forever. You should seriously try one. If you don't like soy, you've never had this.]


[The first ten] songs on my iPod when in 'random' mode.

1. Take on Me - Aha (a classic 80's tune that I never get sick of)
2. Smack That - Akon
3. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
4. I Don't Do Crowds - Camera Obscura
5. Neon - John Mayer
6. Put Your Hands Up - Fedde La Grand
7. Crutch - Pinback
8. Clumsy - Fergie
9. Little Things - Bush
10. Poison - Bel Biv DeVoe

I loved Sunshine Sometime from Kitsune Noir and I am thinking that sooner rather than later I am going to put together a little mix tape to share with you all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


On a whim I picked up a box of these sweet reproduction ephemera cards. A little Barnes & Noble find - $6.95 for 24! They are technically gift cards which means they are smaller than a regular note card but so very very sweet.
I think you can get these online too!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sometimes things like a bright blue sky make your whole world a little bit better. While waiting for the bus yesterday I snapped this picture. I love old lamp posts as it is, but that blue sky just does something happy to me. Also, I am not lying when I say that there was no photo manipulation done whatsoever to this snapshot. Mother Nature at its finest and it pretty much doesn't get any better than that.

Monday, March 17, 2008


In addition to my craft addiction (you've seriously got to see my yarn and fabric collection), I am also an avid baker. In times of joy, I bake. In times of stress, I bake. If any of you are Grey's Anatomy fans you'll remember Izzy and her muffin baking...that is pretty much me.

When everyday food came in the mail you can imagine my joy when I found a basic everyday baking mix. It is a basic dry mix that you make in large batches to store in an airtight container. When the time comes and you need/want to whip up a quick batch of something yummy you add the wet ingredients and any other extras that you may want (chocolate chips, oatmeal, coconut, walnuts). Everyday Food gives you some basic recipes to work with but I am thinking of all the wonderful ways that you could jazz this basic mix up. Like some yummy chocolate chip and coconut cookies yuuuuuuuum.

As soon as I give this a whirl I'll post the recipe. It is time to get excited.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love words. I always have. Words in books, words in the dictionary, words in the form of quotes....I eat it up.

When I came across eighty8words it was love at first sight. Each piece is handmade and carries with it a certain je ne sais quoi.

My favorites are "Smitten" and "Devoted." In each description there is a little quote that uses the word and most of them make my heart a flutter.

You seriously need to check this out.

eighty8words etsy shop
eighty8 words blog

*Have I mentioned that the shop owner is not only talented but super sweet as well?

{Image via eighty8words}


The top drawer of my desk is filled with a stash of stationary. I have always loved anything paper related and can never pass up a pretty find. Lately I have noticed that my stash has dwindled and I am on the prowl for some pretty new paper. So far, these are my top choices:

This Bluebell Birds and Leaves boxed set ($12!) from Paper Source. As always I can never get enough of everything in that store. I literally browse for hours and pretty much covet everything. I think these would be perfect to send a little “hello” note.

{image via Paper Source} I am pretty much in love with this, again from Paper Source. It is a linen folio set called “Love & Forgiveness.” It comes filled with a variety of cards, writing papers, envelopes, expressions, letter writing tips and a coordinating pen (I love pens). This folio also comes in red.

{image via Paper Source}

Anything monogrammed makes its way into my heart. I would love to have Megan from Megan creates work with me to create the perfect little note card.

{image via Megan creates}

While these don’t technically fall into the stationary category, I want them all the same. Calling cards seem to be all the rage lately and I cannot help but to stare at these and contemplate which one I like most! Less formal than a business card but classier than a napkin.

{images via Crane & Co. }

Oh! I just discovered these from Papyrus. I will be going over to get them on my lunch break. “See you later, alligator” and “How the devil are you?” (see the devil horn?!) These are too fun to pass up!

{images via Papyrus}

Monday, March 10, 2008


Saturday it rained and rained and rained and rained. Thankfully I had my new wellies. While the wellies saved my feet from being wet, my puddle jumping caused a little un-due wetness. I will say that it is fantastic to be able to step in puddles and just not care! It *almost* makes the rain fun! Honestly, I am not sure what I did before I had them. I can only imagine how miserable I would have been had I been stuck with a wet pair of trainers....ew....

At any rate, the pants dried, the Guinness made me warmer and the company made me smile. Maybe rainy days aren't so bad after all.

Also, I have not posted it here because I've been a little sheepish about it but, I am so thrilled to have been chosen as a general editor over at Sk*rt. The company of Sk*rt Editors and Sk*rt founders I am in is such an honor in itself! I am totally looking forward to bringing you and other web-savvy women awesome links to the world wide web. Get your Sk*rt on and see what all the buzz is about!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I am a self proclaimed office supplies junkie. I also love stationary but I think that should be saved for its very own post because there is just so much lovely stuff out there!

A few of my favorite and some of my most coveted items are as follows:

No. 2 Task Clips

[via See Jane Work ]

French Magnets
[via Traylor Papers ]

Self-adhesive Note To-Do
[via Russell+Hazel ]
note: I love everything from this store

File Folders
[via Cavallini & Co.]
note: Their Easter section is to die for

Beautiful Ballpoint Pens

[via Paper Source]
note: I cannot pick just one so I linked them all

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I've got a soft spot for magazines. Martha Stewart in particular and lately, Real Simple. Three years ago I got a Martha Stewart Living subscription for Christmas and I still receive this delightful treat in the mail once a month. I devour each issue like a piece of triple chocolate cake savoring each page. I take notes and dog ear pages before adding the issue to my growing collection. I cannot bring myself to throw them away which has brought me to my current dilemma. Where/How do I store them and for how long? I love these magazine holders from See Jane Work.
I have dreams of these organized by month filled with years and years of delicious ideas. Every month I could sort through dog eared favorites and new discoveries. Mmmmmm.

The other idea I have been contemplating is a series of monthly binders. These ones in particular (from See Jane Work).

With page protectors (of course).

I would put all of my favorites from different places, organized by month and have a gigantic resource of great ideas. Even the binders are pretty.

This is on my list of Spring Cleaning To Do List.

How do you organize the great ideas you've saved over the years?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I forgot to mention that these lovelies arrived at work yesterday from a very special someone. They make me smile and think of spring. Have I mentioned that I love spring. The almost warm weather, pretty trench coats, little sweaters, tulips. I am ready for it.


Ok, so I've always loved the look of potted grass but never really knew the ins and outs of it all. Design Mom just did a GREAT post on how to plant (and grow) this awesome stuff!

My sister works at Whole Foods so I've sent her on a mission to find me some wheat kernals while I hunt for the perfect containers. Honestly, I cannot wait to have one of these on my desk.

I was also informed today that my sister made me a white ceramic regtangle pot at school! She is even going to attempt to make a saucer a la this picture that I am in love with:

I am more than lucky this spring!

Monday, March 3, 2008


A knitter by trade (you can find my shop here Lux Risa) and porcelain lover by nature it was inevitable that I would adore these:

Brooklyn based artist Alyssa Ettinger designs amazing "knitware" porcelain pieces. I could not love them more. From the fine detail of the ribbed edge to the gathered round bottom each peice is not only a work of art but a perfect representation of knitware. I know that not only knitters will find these pieces charming and down right lovely.

You can find Alyssa's shop here.

{Photos via Alyssa Ettinger Design}

Sunday, March 2, 2008



My friend Wendy asked me to help her with an idea for invites for her daughter's birthday party. She knew that since it was going to be a sleepover that she wanted the invites to somehow be in the form of sleeping bags. My immediate thought was little mini sleeping bags made out of fabric!

Originally I was going to put a zipper in the side so that they really would be a working mini sleeping bag. When I actually got to sewing them, I realized that I could sew it halfway shut and tack down the corner (to get the sleeping bag look) that way the invite would have a pocket to slide into.

Each sleeping bag is two coordinating fabrics with some polar fleece in the middle for that puffy look. After sewing the three layers together on three sides (right sides together with the fleece on the bottom), I ran a straight stitch across each third of the fabric. I folded the bottom open edge in and ironed it, then folded the whole shebang in half. Sew down the bottom half of the open side then across the bottom 'hem' to seal the deal. The last step was to fold down the open corner and then tack it from underneath to hold it open.


There was no real pattern that I used - I kind of made it up as I went along and the whole project went pretty quickly. Wendy had some AMAZING vintage fabric to work with that were all cut out in the same size squares so I just cut the polar fleece to fit.

The pocket will hold a check sized invite (the top picture shown has a check in the pocket). These were a bit hit with everyone - I wish that I was having a sleep-over so that I could send these invites out!

If there is enough interest in these buggers I am happy to put together a real tutorial with pattern so that you don't have to wing it like I did!

Update: Wendy and her daughter decided to print the invites on paper dolls!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have been in love with Belle and Boo for awile now. For my birthday my best friend got me the print and I cried it was so lovely. See that little speck next to Belle's shoe? Here is the close up:

It is a one inch horseman. Adorable. Everything about Mandy's work is amazing. The little details on the back of the knees, Belle's sweet little haircut, the city scene on Belle's skirt...I could go on and on and on about her work but, I think you should check it out for yourself.
Also, there are now prints with boys!