Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today = REALLY bad hair day. I switched up the shampoo/conditioner regimen and I really don't think it worked to my advantage. With the new addition of bangs [ the straight across the forehead kind] and a crazy amount of layers, I am a little limited as to what I can do with my mop. Attempting to forego the ponytail, this morning I whipped up a french braid. Partly because it is a super great way to tame my hair and partly because friends, the braid is back.

Anyway, someone just stopped me and said "Wow, a braid, remember when those were really popular?" Which kind of made me feel super un-cool but hey...if Lauren Conrad can rock it, so can I.


Nin said...

I love braids! I wore a french braid on each side today, but I had no idea that they were "in". Just call me ahead of the times, hehe

mary said...

Actually, if Christy Turlington can rock it in that Chanel ad, I'm sold.

P.S. Love your bangs! :)

karey m. said...

your new pic is BEAUTIFUL! {and i never use capital letters...}

Sarah said...

Thank you for all the kind words ladies!

nin - i do that on the weekend all the time. favorite hairdo EVER

mary - i had no idea there were braids in a chanel ad, i am further sold on the idea.

karey m - THANK YOU so very much! truly truly appreciated.