Friday, January 9, 2009

on journaling

i am a writer by nature.

i have a blackberry and i love it but i so poorly neglect the calendar application.

instead i carry around a red moleskin pocket planner that has a page for each day.

i like having a tangible place to write. plus i remember things better when i write them down.

the other day i came across the best idea ever.

an entertaining journal. [housed in a binder]

a place to keep invites you sent out, the food you made, how many people you fed, pictures of the presentation.

i love this idea so much.

there are so many times that i look back and try to remember exactly how i packaged something or planned something and i can't.

enter the entertaining journal.

new years resolution #3: keep track of what i am doing/planning for future reference. in other words, be more organized.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

red + yellow = happy

this photo by paul westlake makes me want spring. and all things color.

that yellow dress and the gigantic pansy with the super deep red lips

i am in love.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


my inspiration today: lovely amy over at doobleh-vey.

Someday I want to hold a letter writing workshop and travel the country in a silver Airstream and show people how delicious is is to write love letters again.I love texts and little words floating in and out of computers, but the sound of pen to paper makes me most delirious. The way letters bend and sparkle across a page cannot be rivaled by even the greatest font foundry. The way "I love you" looks in bold black sharpie or the backwards wonky letters of a preschooler can buckle my knees and break my heart...
Write letters.
Love Letters.

amy could not have said it better.

pretty paper here and here.

new years resolution #4: write more letters

Monday, January 5, 2009


this time of year always seems a bit sad to me.

day by day the christmas lights get fewer and fewer and fewer.

which this year has actually inspired me.

last year i did a 95% handmade holiday [handmade by me and from etsy as well]

this year was substantially less.

next year i am aiming for 100%.

95% me/5% etsy.

i've already started researching some great patterns and tutorials.

Whip Up is amazing if you have not heard of it yet. seriously - i am talking something for everyone on this site.

new years resolution #5: stay aware of the need for handmade in our lives [esp. given the state of our economy]