Tuesday, October 27, 2009

delicious paper

can we talk about my love of paper for a moment?

i truly adore everything about it. the way it feels. the way it smells.

i love writing on it.

i especially love a nice thick cotton paper.

that said it is no surprise that invites have been one of the toughest decisions i have had to make.

mr. lemon pie is surely a little weary of my [almost] daily 'do you like this one?' link and photos.

i've also decided that i am going to design and print my own invites which is really another whole post in itself.

did i mention that they just opened a BRAND NEW paper source 30 minutes from my house?!

a few invites that i am coveting at the moment:
i heart the flourishes and colors. especially the craft paper matchbook. most of all i love the 'accept' and 'decline' stickers! [can you even believe that these are DIY?!]

where do i start. the envelope liner? swoon. the textures? double swoon. the font?....can someone help me up off the floor please?

omg. the photo corners. how can you not love this? extra points for the vintage book look. love. love. love. duh.

simple, clean and scalloped. this has everything you need for a knock 'em dead invite suite. plus i have a thing for postcards.
this is pretty similar to what i *think* we want. vintage feel. poster style. clean lines. simple but elegant font.

our invites will read 'summer cocktail attire' so we want our invites to have a relaxed yet classy feel.

am i asking too much?

what did you look for in your invites? did you have your heart set on a particular style or were you more go with the flow?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

love letters

mr. lemon pie and i have been love letter writers from the very start.

i am fond of ones sent in the mail.

and secret ones stashed in books and notebooks to be found a little later.

but this hand delivered one:
well it takes the cake.
and the gal who received it is a very very lucky one.

i thank my lucky stars every day that i am marrying such a thoughtful gent.

because those little notes always make my day.

love notes via the uber talented melissa at ISLY

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hats and hats

they can all be found right here.

[a little shameless self promotion never hurt right?]

Friday, October 9, 2009

oh hello

these envelopes.
i think that everyone should get one in the mail because they are SO DANG PRETTY.