Friday, February 27, 2009

off the needles

feather & fan stitch.
turned into a [long overdue] blanket for the sweetest little 2 and a half month old i know. which i am sure will be loved and snuggled over and over.
4 skeins of bernat cotton tots = super soft and cushy. size 9 needles. cast on 74 stitches. feather & fan is worked in multiples of 18. i added an extra knit stitch at the edge. (72 sts for the pattern+2).
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sappy fridays

i think this is becoming some sort of tradition.

but this:

“Whatever train you came on, is the train that I’ll take home. Your head upon my shoulder as the sun is sinking low. I always am reminded when the stars come out to shine. You bring joy, joy, joy and peace of mind.” {grateful dead}

oh it takes my breath away.

Friday, February 20, 2009

the distance

i found out that i cannot run to rap/hip hop like i usually do. it throws off my breathing and then 20 minutes in i feel like my lungs are going to explode but my legs want to keep going.

solution: run to slower music

the playlist:
song - artist - [comments]
boy with a coin - iron & wine [very 'juno']
heartbeat - madonna [amazingly delicious]
i'm on fire - kate tucker [possibly the best cover ever]
blue light - bloc party [still listening to this even after two years]
viva la vida - coldplay [need i say more?]
hummingbird - wilco [catchy and lovely]
the fear - lily allen [omg. new favorite song]
75 and sunny - ryan montbleau band [talent.talent.talent.]
be somebody - kings of leon [mildly obsessed]
time to pretend - mgmt [two words: brit pop]
breakdown - handsome boy modeling school feat. jack johnson [stellar collaboration]
angry dance - the shills [i saw them play a basement show!]
lightspeed - matt & kim [hand claps!]
world hold on - bob sinclair feat. steve edwards [great way to push through the last few minutes]

hopefully this will relax me a little and then i can run for a bit longer.

i'm off to give it a whirl

*all the above songs are available on iTunes. check.them.out.


i'm ready

ready for green grass. and bubbling streams. and reading a good book in the sun.

the flower show yesterday: simply amazing. i have no idea how they do it.

having my love home for the weekend: i swear it gets better every time.

the recipe i tried: a new family favorite.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

today, tomorrow & friday

things on my mind at the moment:

1.) my computer is dying a slow slow death and i *really* want to replace it with a macbook
2.) i am drinking an iced coffee that is so good it makes me happy to be alive [iced mocha mint mmmmmmmm]
3.) tomorrow i get to see my love
4.) tomorrow or friday (idk which yet) i am going to a flower show and i get to use my new camera
5.) tonight's dinner is an experiment. i am using the recipe from the side of the jar.


Monday, February 16, 2009

this little package:turned into this 3'x4' valentine.

because my love is really that big. everyday.

inspired by who else but jordan from oh happy day.

i was surprised all weekend long with lots and lots to make me very happy. best of all though was the time we got to spend together. being apart all week makes the weekend even sweeter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

crap i really like this idea

not going to lie - i wish i had taken the time to look at this way sooner and that i was actually allowed to spend money on my honey's gift (we are going to disney and bought each other a camera as our gift).

via oh happy day and then i actually clicked on the link to get to aubrey's unbelievably amazing site.

{if it was not almost valentines day and i wasn't so full of love then i would be really angry that i did not do this}

i did however do something else that is amazingly cool that i cannot post about yet...but i will.


listening to: kate tucker's cover of springsteen's i'm on fire {which is pretty amazing if you ask me. right?}

Monday, February 9, 2009

oh spring.

flower 005, originally uploaded by yein~.

i am ready.

Friday, February 6, 2009


i miss blogging.

and the connections with [as karey m. used to so fondly call] imaginary friends.

writing [obviously] has taken a back seat and until now it didn't really impact me.

this morning i found an old journal [from like 10 years ago] that was raw with emotion and it made me hungry. hungry to write and create and connect.

so here i am.

i feel like there is too much to catch up on so i am starting from here.

things might be a little different around here. still lemon pie but with just a little ... spice. and with a running playlist because quite frankly i cannot do much with out some good background music.

appropriately enough kings of leon - revelry has been on repeat for about an hour now. merryment is right.

oh, and thanks for hanging in there.