Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend I put the finishing touches on these little knit pants. They are by far my favorite knit item ever. When I have bambinos of my own, I hope they are born in the fall/winter so I can dress them in a pair of these daily. The pattern is based on these baby bell bottoms and a pair of baby knickers that were featured in Martha Stewart a year or two ago {I cannot find a photo of them online but they are in the Handmade Holiday special issue}.

Straight legged, with a ribbed cuff and a satin ribbon for a perfect fit make these pants my ideal baby pant and I cannot wait to see a little baby butt in them. I specifically made these so that they will be 'grow with me pants' - meaning that as the little one gets older, the pants will still fit in the waist but will be more like knickers/capris.

These will be a staple in my fall line for lux risa. {I know, strange to think about the fall aready.} I am also going to do a summer shop update mid-May. Dresses and pinafores for the girls and rompers for the boys. I've picked up a ton of great fabric over the past few months and am really looking forward to showing you what I've been working on!


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Anonymous said...

Adorable. You are way beyond talented. Now I know who I'm coming to when I have a babe!