Tuesday, June 30, 2009

meet bette

this is bette. my new love.
she is swift and comfy and the prettiest shade of blue i have ever seen.
her maiden voyage was on saturday.
she handled the cape cod canal quite well.
this weekend is all about parades and cookouts and fireworks.
a lovely addition.
coming soon: a lovely and sweet basket.

Monday, June 29, 2009

houston, we have a problem.

i just discovered the joys of ebay.

i know - it really did take me this long to bid on and win an item.

i started out looking for a typewriter....and now i am the proud owner of 100 vintage stamps.

yes. 100.

they are beautiful though.

love stamps and rose stamps and north american wildlife stamps and gorgeous blue jay stamps.

this weekend i decided that i was going to stop bidding on vintage stamps because this was getting out of control. and then this morning i won two more auctions that i really didn't think i was going to win. and that brought my total to 100.

except since they are all vintage stamps (20, 32 & 22 cent) i now have to bid on some more to ehem, complete my collection right?