Thursday, March 13, 2008


The top drawer of my desk is filled with a stash of stationary. I have always loved anything paper related and can never pass up a pretty find. Lately I have noticed that my stash has dwindled and I am on the prowl for some pretty new paper. So far, these are my top choices:

This Bluebell Birds and Leaves boxed set ($12!) from Paper Source. As always I can never get enough of everything in that store. I literally browse for hours and pretty much covet everything. I think these would be perfect to send a little “hello” note.

{image via Paper Source} I am pretty much in love with this, again from Paper Source. It is a linen folio set called “Love & Forgiveness.” It comes filled with a variety of cards, writing papers, envelopes, expressions, letter writing tips and a coordinating pen (I love pens). This folio also comes in red.

{image via Paper Source}

Anything monogrammed makes its way into my heart. I would love to have Megan from Megan creates work with me to create the perfect little note card.

{image via Megan creates}

While these don’t technically fall into the stationary category, I want them all the same. Calling cards seem to be all the rage lately and I cannot help but to stare at these and contemplate which one I like most! Less formal than a business card but classier than a napkin.

{images via Crane & Co. }

Oh! I just discovered these from Papyrus. I will be going over to get them on my lunch break. “See you later, alligator” and “How the devil are you?” (see the devil horn?!) These are too fun to pass up!

{images via Papyrus}

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mary said...

I'm so jealous that you live near a Paper Source. They need to open one up near me! But then again, I would probably go into financial ruin if I had one so close by. Between the paper...and the classes...

P.S. Definitely work with Megan - she's so great! I'll show you my business cards when they're done.