Sunday, March 2, 2008



My friend Wendy asked me to help her with an idea for invites for her daughter's birthday party. She knew that since it was going to be a sleepover that she wanted the invites to somehow be in the form of sleeping bags. My immediate thought was little mini sleeping bags made out of fabric!

Originally I was going to put a zipper in the side so that they really would be a working mini sleeping bag. When I actually got to sewing them, I realized that I could sew it halfway shut and tack down the corner (to get the sleeping bag look) that way the invite would have a pocket to slide into.

Each sleeping bag is two coordinating fabrics with some polar fleece in the middle for that puffy look. After sewing the three layers together on three sides (right sides together with the fleece on the bottom), I ran a straight stitch across each third of the fabric. I folded the bottom open edge in and ironed it, then folded the whole shebang in half. Sew down the bottom half of the open side then across the bottom 'hem' to seal the deal. The last step was to fold down the open corner and then tack it from underneath to hold it open.


There was no real pattern that I used - I kind of made it up as I went along and the whole project went pretty quickly. Wendy had some AMAZING vintage fabric to work with that were all cut out in the same size squares so I just cut the polar fleece to fit.

The pocket will hold a check sized invite (the top picture shown has a check in the pocket). These were a bit hit with everyone - I wish that I was having a sleep-over so that I could send these invites out!

If there is enough interest in these buggers I am happy to put together a real tutorial with pattern so that you don't have to wing it like I did!

Update: Wendy and her daughter decided to print the invites on paper dolls!

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