Thursday, March 6, 2008


I've got a soft spot for magazines. Martha Stewart in particular and lately, Real Simple. Three years ago I got a Martha Stewart Living subscription for Christmas and I still receive this delightful treat in the mail once a month. I devour each issue like a piece of triple chocolate cake savoring each page. I take notes and dog ear pages before adding the issue to my growing collection. I cannot bring myself to throw them away which has brought me to my current dilemma. Where/How do I store them and for how long? I love these magazine holders from See Jane Work.
I have dreams of these organized by month filled with years and years of delicious ideas. Every month I could sort through dog eared favorites and new discoveries. Mmmmmm.

The other idea I have been contemplating is a series of monthly binders. These ones in particular (from See Jane Work).

With page protectors (of course).

I would put all of my favorites from different places, organized by month and have a gigantic resource of great ideas. Even the binders are pretty.

This is on my list of Spring Cleaning To Do List.

How do you organize the great ideas you've saved over the years?


mary said...

Hello fellow sk*rt editor! :)

As a magazine junkie myself, I used to keep every issue. Every. Issue.

Now that we live in an ol' antique house (read: quirky layout and little closet space), I've had to give up holding onto all but my most favorite issues. Now, if I see something I must keep, I tear it out and keep it in an accordian folder. Not my favorite method, but it works for now.

Lately I've been scanning things and saving them onto a folder on my computer. Less messy, but a bit more organized. So we'll see where that takes me!

Sarah said...

Oooh! I love the idea about scanning and saving them to a folder! I'll have a hard time giving up the 'paper' but is such a space saver!