Thursday, August 21, 2008

[i have no idea where these images are from - i saved them on my harddrive before i was good at linking]

Things I like about this [line by line, left to right]

  • clean white lines but its still really warm and inviting; shabby chic-ness; arched dorways.
  • I think I would like these more in the bathroom; amazing use of space, the wall paper, fantastic inspiration board; ampersands and black and white photos are perfect together.
  • guest room loveliness; high beadboard walls and wood floors; vintage modern goodness.

Up for discussion.


Krissy said...

The photo with the window and yellow drapes is AMAZING!

mary said... everything! Those high beadboard walls made me cry. Out of love.

Off to burn my house to the ground and start over...

Jules said...

beautiful collage of photos! love the photo that's in the far left, 2nd row - i want those hanging glass bubble looking things!