Sunday, August 3, 2008


Honestly. I love Vermont.
It was my first time here and I loved every minute of it. The blue skies. The trees. Oh. The. Trees.
The awesome mountains. The entire ride on the highway was like one gigantic breathtaking view. I really dont think I'd need to go anywhere else besides the beach maybe.
Beach chairs. Fire. Corona. Low tide. Good company. I am not sure that there is a better Friday night out there.

[as i said all the photos here are taken with film - a disposable camera nonetheless - i might need to break out my old 35mm ha!]


mary said...

A...disposable camera?! Wow - these came out amazingly! And you, as usual, are adorable.

Barchbo said...

How beautiful! Am headed north in a few weeks and look forward to the sweaters at night! And the cold beer. And the fires. And the gorgeous scenery.

Okay, I'll just take a duplicate your vacation.

Jill said...

Oh I do love the East Coast - my in-laws just went to Vermont and had a ball.

The grass looks too green - though I know you didn't "enhance" your photo. :)