Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a couple of thoughts

...taking a photo a day of what you're wearing is more of a commitment than i thought it would be.

...this book is in the forefront of my mind. i know what i am going to write about and i couldn't be happier that my mom is going to write in it too.

...i've been thinking a lot lately about work/life balance. it is hard. my plate has been really full lately and even though i love it, i am starting to pull away from things that i really love because i don't have time. scratch that. because i have not found a good way to make time.

...holly hoffman is a blogger i totally connect with on so many levels. i found her blog today via a non-blogger friend. she says so many things that are just so right.

...cooler days mean more baking and cooking [always a good thing in my book]

...next week i am de-stashing. pretty sure I am going to do a combination of putting it on etsy and then a giveaway here?

...nie nie and christan. i think most of you have heard by now. my thoughts and prayers are with them. the best way to help out here? donate? purchase? thinking about this one a lot because they really seem like an amazing family.


Krissy said...

Love the photo!
I love to bake and am really looking forward to cooler weather!

mary said...

Oh - the work/life balance is not happening for me right now. I, too, really need to figure that out.

I'm destashing, too! It feels so good to get rid of clutter. I wish I could have a yard sale.

My prayers are with Nie Nie and Christian, also. I don't know them but wish I did, from all the good things I'm hearing about them.

Maggie, Dammit said...

The photos of Nie Nie and Christian are stunning. I hadn't heard of her blog before this but the way the Internet has rallied is making me (at least a little) less sick to my stomach about the whole thing.


Mrs.French said...

big thoughts today deary...

I hope you had a prosperous baking day!

karey m. said...

followed all your links.

and now i have a sad little case of broken-heartedness.

because i just returned from following nielson links.

on a completely other note, {why does this seem inappropriate?} i love your tumblr page. i'm heavy into some tumblrs...very cool.

{i should've deleted that. it sounds empty and loser. xoxo.}