Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The work of Banksy - author of infamous graffiti around London. First seen here and then found on BombDog's flickr

Karey M. has me thinking about being nice lately.

Being nice I think is not always easy. Sometimes...well sometimes a case of the nasties gets in the way. Sometimes even when I have the nasties but try oh so very hard to be nice, nasty gets the best of me and I really don't like that.

You see, it is pretty hard to get me all worked up but once I am is kind of like a tornado and without meaning to be nasty there I am. After all is said and done I always feel terrible awful. That I could have stopped that I should have stopped but right there and then I just wouldn't couldn't.

I always say I'm sorry...does that count as being nice?

So, I am [belatedly] joining the nice contest because really, being nice is way better than having to feel nasty about being naughty.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I love that print!!

karey m. said...

look at you! is this a public apology to someone you love and adore?

if so...i'll bet it worked. you can't help but be lovely. it seems effortless for you.

but we all have nasty moments. in fact, i'm planning on having one as soon as i can think of a brilliant nasty post to sneak onto your site! hehehehehehehe.

plus, as you and my other online buddies tell's good when you realize you're not being nice. that means you're...nice. xoxo.

Simple Answer said...

Love that artwork. And truly? I'm not buying it. I think of you as the very kindest, mostest nicest out there.

Tara said...

Oh yes.. I completely feel you there.. It is OH so true.. I agree completely with this post my dearest.

Henry said...

you are nice. come by and enter my giveaway! fun stuff!