Thursday, June 5, 2008


A new little space to hold all [or some] of my mostly used tools. That little green lid is a jar filled with buttons and darning needles and stitch markers. lux risa Moo cards that always make me smile [I am glad I ordered more]. A pattern piece that has fallen to the wayside. Disappearing ink used mostly for embroidery but sometimes in my sewing. That do-dad that looks like a ruler is one of the best tools I have ever purchased - it is used to make sure your hem/edge is straight [goodness knows I need that].

I am still putting together all of my notions [apparently I like to spread them out in different places]. The beginning of the spot that will house my thread. I love thread. I buy it even when I don't need it. Ribbon...don't get me started on the ribbon. A few of my favorite snippets are living there at the moment.

Scissors x2 + hammer + ruler. Blue scissors are for paper only and the fancy purple ones are for fabric. My mama always said you need 2 pairs. What I am really coveting are these.
Oh how lovely. I am also a paper craft addict and that little hammer is the best thing ever when it comes to adding eyelets and other embelishments. [Note: it is also fantastic for putting together Ikea dressers]

[Wrapping] Paper lined drawers [I can't remember where I saw this - my google reader? kirtsy? one of the two I am sure]. I like it - the paper is a reversible kind that you can order from school fun raisers, nice and heavy - I am thinking that I really want to do this in coordinating fabric though - in pretty yellows and greens to match:

This just makes me smile every gosh darn time I look at it. I am so lucky to have known my Great Grandmother, Alice, for such a long time. She was the epitome of a lady and she still knew how to have fun. To this day I can still remember the way her house smelled, how she had the same cookies in the cookie jar every time [Keebler fudge stripes], the way her skin felt all wrinkly and soft.

I grew up one street over from her and there was never a time that we were not visiting or she visiting us. A constant well of love, understanding and wisdom, I loved to sit and listen to her tell stories about her childhood, our family and of how much things had changed over the years - all while watching her hands as they click clacked with the knitting needles.

I think I could write about 'Great Gram' for hours.

This desk that she decoupaged is such a wonderful piece of her - it reminds me of where I get my creative streak and of how proud she'd be that I've continued on in something that was so very dear to her. One of the many reasons that what I do is so near to my heart.


mary said...

ooooh, nice pictures! I love all your goodies. And you are so lucky that you knew your great Gram. I loved hearing about it.

Simple Answer said...

I could listen about your great gram for hours. Do you ever wonder if you'll be a great gram someday?

Sarah said...

Simple Answer: I can only hope that someday I'll be able to pass along what my Gram did, it is such a blessing.

also, have I mentioned how unbelievably sweet you are?!

farmhouse wares said...

I love this entry. The pics are sweet and so is the story behind the piece.

karey m. said...

oh! i grew up next door to my grandparents. i can't tell you how that just made my childhood so free and magical...

wait. i don't have to tell you. it sounds like yours was the same!

love your new workspace...that's the fun part for me...creating a space. yours looks like candy...

frnz said...

wow! these are nice and it's very colorful like your picture in your blog!

barchbo said...

I love that desk! So beautiful!
Your Great Gram sounds very special - I love hearing about her, too!