Monday, June 23, 2008

Intro to my crazy mind, and other ramblings :)

Hello there!

Welcome to a peek into my world. My lovely friend who is venturing off to the world of fairies, fantasies and sun is allowing me to come into her world of blogging and add perhaps some of my flavor and spice.

She asked me to blog and I said "what will I write about?", I mean, don't get me wrong I have my own blog which I will post at the end of this. However I would dare to say that sometimes I wonder if anyone finds any of this as interesting as it is sometimes in my head. *laugh*

Do you really care what song I am relating to, or the newest picture of my darling nephew, or how I feel about *gulp* becoming a year older. Perhaps you are like me and have a hankering to step into someone elses thoughts for a moment. I know sometimes the things I even learn from myself when I reread my blogs is sometimes surprising.

Who am I you ask?

I am 32 (ugh) as of Saturday the 21st of June, and I feel fabulous. The night was full of eggs flying in the air, and shrimp tails being thrown at me (we went to a Japanese Steakhouse) and then amazing vocal styling happened in the ever so wonderful and cheezy lounge downstairs, that would not have been complete without the typical man in his 50's singing Frank Sinatra and dancing with me. Good times were had by all. Age is just what they say, merely a number, most days I feel 5 and still love to go to the park and swing like I am going to fly into the clouds.

I work at a consulting firm in Boston with wonderful people, and that is were I met this lovely lady, only to find that she lives 10 minutes from me. We kick each others butts at the gym and try as much as we can to give each other dating advice *you can laugh here*. I also sing in a Rock cover band off the south shore called "Too Loud" and I absolutely love it

Some things I love and random thoughts:

Music and singing: The power of music still amazes me and makes me feel alive. When I am performing with my band it makes any other worry on my mind just melt away

My nephews laughter: brings such a peace to my soul

My family: I cherish them more now that I know the sacrifices my mother made and how far all of us have come in life.

My cats Ella and Elvis: they have a way of making my day, whether it is a snuggle on the couch or a lick on the nose, they make my cares float away

The feeling of cool grass on my feet in the spring/summertime

The smell of the air after a midday thunderstorm

The end of a soft serve cone, when the ice cream is in the crevices on the bottom. MMMmm

The ocean and its constant ability to bring me right back to my core and allow me to feel at ease about this journey we are on.

The memory of my Nana and how soft the skin on her cheek felt when she hugged me hello, and the way she would laugh at my ramblings and always encourage me to sing and make music.

On the train, when I have my ipod on shuffle and a song I have not heard in weeks pops on and it just happens to relate to something I am thinking of or dealing with at that moment.


I have found that with my old age and craziness also comes even more of an appreciation for the simple things, the things that we take for granted when our mind is spinning out of control. These simple things vary from time to time, however the nakedness of what truly makes us happy and feeds us on a daily basis are the things that don't cost money, and are easily accessible at all times.

I have really liked stopping by here and being able to add some of my thoughts. I will leave you now with this:

“Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

And if you want to stop by my blog, please do.

It has been great "meeting" all of you!


mary said...

Anyone who can stand up in front of tons of people and pour their heart out through song kicks ass. Great post and so nice to meet you!

Tara said...

Ditto Mary!