Monday, June 9, 2008


I would only participate in activity like this during 90 degree weather for these two little gals. You know why? They've got my heart wrapped around their baby fingers.


mary said...

LOVE the bouncy thing. My sister-in-law rented one last month for my niece & nephew's b-day. I didn't go in because with the maniacal children inside of it I would have lost my life. But it looks sooo fun!

You are too cute!

Anonymous said...

What darlings! I am cuckoo for my niece, too!

PS: I am set up on google reader now - thanks!!

frenz said...

they are cute!

karey m. said...

ok. the blondie with the see-through icy blue eyes and apple cheeks? love.

and little red with the navy blues and perfect circles of pink on her peaches-and-cream skin? adore.

probably pretty much anyone would hop around in 90 degree heat for these lovelies.