Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am so sorry for my lack of posting this week. We are headed off to Disney World on Saturday so my nights have been filled with packing packing and more packing.
Oh, and planning. Lots and lots of planning so that we get to see and do all the *important* things on our list.
Does anyone have any tips for Disney? for airplane travel? for 90 degree weather?
*pictures from our last trip in 2006


mary said...

I have no tips (I'm a Disney virgin) but you're going to have a great time! I can't wait to see pictures!

karey m. said...

awww! have fun! as far as tips for traveling in 90 degree weather? you mean, my winter?!?

hahahaha. cracking myself up over here. at least you get to ear shorts and tanks! have a blast...

M said...

Good Advice from Disney Trip #5, 2001: Go back to the hotel Mid-day and dunk in the pool. Less people will be there mid-day and t's easier to get around the park during dinner time (sun has gone down and peeps aer eating)

Good Advice from Disney Trip #6, 2002: Don't go to Pleasure Island alone and take a ride from strangers.You may endup car jacked.

Good Advice from Disney Trip #7 2005: Always pack two days of clothing inclusive of a bathing suit in case your luggage gets sent to Atlanta rather than orlando.

Trips 1-4 are all a blur I just remember big ears and standing in line.

Simple Answer said...

We were just there in October and IF YOU RELAX, you will have the best time! The families that get all up tight about being on schedule, and getting to see and do everything end up very crabby and miserable. You'll see them on the buses and the monorail and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Just enjoy yourself and don't be consumed with whatever you feel you "have" to do!

And, we want to see pix!

Sarah said...

you guys are the best! how did i get so lucky?

@ mary: we need to fix that
@ kareym: WHAT?! you are wonder woman
@ m: i am writing this all down
@ simple answer: we have a 'guide' to follow with reservations and what not but typically we're a wing it type of group. i also firmly believe that october is the BEST time to go!

there will be lots and lots of pictures for sure.