Monday, July 13, 2009

pre wedding chop

i know there is a lot of talk about the famous ‘post wedding chop’ a.k.a pwc but what i have not come across yet is the ‘pre wedding chop.’

sound scary?

what got me thinking about this?

well, when mr. lemonpie and i got engaged i had visions of the lauren conrad side ponytail. i even brought my hairdresser a magazine picture of lauren’s hair and said ‘i want that’


4 months later here i am at the hairdresser for the usual ‘cut and color’ when i say ‘i really want to cut it all off but i am afraid that by next summer it won’t be long enough.’

my hairdresser then tells me not to cut it because i am not ready.

so i told her to cut it because heck! do not tell me i am not ready! not to mention it is hair and it will grow back and it is going to look awesome next summer because it will be all new and freshly grown out and i will have the side ponytail of my dreams.

30 minutes later i am staring at the sweetest most loveliest blonde bob that i have ever had my entire life and i am completely and totally head over heels in love with it.

and i cannot bear for a second to grow it out because – i am not lying when i tell you this – it does whatever i want it to do. last weekend mr. lemonpie and i went on a 15 mile bike ride [yes, i even wore a helmet], drove with the windows down and went for a swim, and my hair still looked good!

so my dream of a luxurious side ponytail on my wedding day has been replaced with dreams of pin curls and rockabillys and pretty waves.

did anyone else take the plunge and chop off their hair before their wedding?


karey m. said...

we're a bob family. classic classic classic. you will be a stunner of a bride...

xoxo. loving your writing...don't leave again.

Tara said...

I want to see a pic now!

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