Thursday, July 9, 2009

may december romance

ashton kutcher & demi moore.

michael douglas & catherine zeta jones.

harrison ford & calista flockhart. name a few...

then there is my fiance(22) and i(28).

the finace i met while working for the same management consulting firm. [i was the assistant to the CFO and he was the finance intern]

the finace who when mama lemon pie saw a picture of asked 'who is that and why aren't you dating him?!'

i said: 'he's too young! sister lemon pie is closer in age than we are!'

mama lemon pie's response was: 'he is NOT too young. period.'

i never in a million years thought that i would end up marrying 'the intern.'

and yes, there are times when i say how old he is and how old i am that i get a little sheepish.

and there are times when we look at eachother and we realize that sometimes we do have to work through a little bit of a 'gap.'

but at the end of the day in know that i am so truly lucky and blessed to have found 'my person.' the one who despite our six year age difference totally and completely and utterly understands every working mechanism of who i am.

we are a bonafide may-december romance and we completely love every single minute of it.

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Tara said...

YAY! I love it. Your so cute.