Wednesday, July 15, 2009

let's get rich and build our house on a mountain

mr. lemonpie and i – we are not living together before we get married.

we have discussed it to death over the past year – the pros the cons, how easy it would be, how much money we could save, how fun it would be, how it would make the married transition easier, how much more we’d get to see each other and on and on and on.

the other night after we had made appointments just to ‘see what was out there’ we had a light bulb moment.

we don’t want to shack up together…yet.

we have years and years of coming home to each other and saving for a house and on and on and on.

what about right now [and how hard it can be both living at home]?

right now we will enjoy the last year of looking forward to seeing each other after being apart for three days.

we will cherish those moments when mr. lemonpie drops me off on sunday night and we sit in the car [not wanting to leave each other] and talk about what a great weekend we had and how amazing it was to spend the whole day together.

i will still send little love notes via snail mail.

he will still send me flowers.

and we will squeeze our eyes shut tight and scream i miss you over the phone lines.

but most of all right now we will dream about the days when we don’t have to leave, or say i miss you and when we can wake up every morning next to our favorite person ever.

i know it doesn’t work for everyone but it works for us and for the first time well, ever, we are ok with it [and those who think we are nuts for waiting.]

did you wait to move in with your love? are you living with your love now? how does living together or not living together make your relationship happier?

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