Friday, August 14, 2009

a testimonial [of sorts]


i think that by now we are all ::well aware:: that i have an addiction to la target.

a few months ago my little sister began using target brand baby soap as an eye makeup remover [works like a charm btw].

i of course jumped on the bandwagon.

but, it doesn't end there.

mr. lemon pie and i began 'project wedding' which entailed a new gym membership + permanent lockers to make it easier to be able to shower and then go about work/play/errands.

this meant buying doubles of everything.

well, i was not going to buy doubles of the slightly expensive body wash that i use at home, so i decided to go with the target brand [up & up] baby soap and baby lotion.

dual purpose - it removes my makeup AND it is a body wash.

here is the kicker:

i have super sensitive skin that breaks out because of EVERYTHING and while i am totally dedicated to proactive on my face i found that a lot of things [including proactive] happen to be too harsh for the rest of me.

except for the baby soap.

my skin looks and feels better.

even after swimming in a super chlorinated pool twice a week for a couple of weeks.

the best part of this whole thing: it all cost me less than $5

how's that for pre-wedding savings.

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