Tuesday, August 18, 2009


this is a busy few weeks for birthdays.

little sister lemon pie who will be 19. [which is really not so little]

my gorgeous 'niece' lil who will be 5. [where did the time go?!]

my wonderful mr. lemon pie who really does deserve the world.

example [from this morning via text during our respective commutes]:
me: hi
me: just a reminder that i love you
mr. lemon pie: you don't need to remind me about that. i always know that you love me. and i always love you.

is that not the best way to start the day?

so, back to the point of this post.

normally i am 100% on top of this whole gift giving thing but i am lagging behind. i am pretty sure that i am going to do this for mr. lemonpie...but the others....where do i begin?

note: lil loves a good handmade gift and frequently requests dresses. little sister well she is a bit tougher BUT will be going into her sophomore year of college.

any ideas?

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