Tuesday, October 7, 2008


today was filled with very good things and very hard moments.

conundrum eh?

+ a nice little part time job in the works
+ a few more rows on the knitting project
+ quality time with dear friends
+ sleeping beauty on DVD
+ homemade chicken soup

- this debate
- missing someone so much that it hurts [only 3 more days!]
- not getting some exercise in

complaining though?

not at all because the good far out weighs the bad.


Barchbo said...

I love you, Sarah! I feel so - about the debate, too. Urgh!
Your + items are so delightful and cheery! So glad your day has been positive - just like you!

Anonymous said...

i could have used some of that chicken soup last night to warm me up! i may just have to make some tonight :)

Karen said...

I really, really want the new Sleeping Beauty DVD...probably a little too much. :) Your "plus" list sounds wonderful!

Krissy said...

Nothing better than knitting, chicken soup and sleeping beauty!