Monday, October 20, 2008

this posting once a week thing does not work out does it.

i just got a blackberry.

that should help.

or so i hope.

the past few days have been catch up.

cleaning up email.

mailing packages.

making dresses.

decorating for fall.

apple picking.

apple pies.

spending time with my love.

all the things that make you thankful really. and that is what this time of year is about right.

all this harvesting makes me think that the pilgrams were onto something with this giving thanks thing. it really seems to work out for everyone.

the next few weeks will be busy ones.

i am hoping that that will prompt me to be a little more back on track. i do better when i am busy. i am way more productive.

the part time job starts next week. super excited about that. i'll have a 2 year old playmate 2 days a week. and really, what is better than that?


Krissy said...

mmm. apple pie! the new job sounds fun :)

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