Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new beginnings

Sunrise, originally uploaded by catmadogma.

the quiet over here, it has been the start of a new beginning.

i am taking some time - full time - to focus on the shop. to spend more time here. to kirtsy.

this beginning is such an exciting one for me. one that i have been looking forward to for a long long time.

and that photo there...just makes my heart sing. right?


mary said...

Oh my! How exciting!!

Simple Answer said...

I love new beginnings!

Karen said...

Very, very exciting :)

Beautiful photo!

Barchbo said...

Yay for new beginnings! So much adventure ahead!

It's fall. Reap your harvest!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely photo. Makes me want to reach out and touch it!

Anonymous said...

lovely photo...really like your blog. Glad your an optimist, i really need some of that right now :)