Thursday, September 11, 2008

the happiest place on earth

thomas kinkade: a new day at the cinderella castle

i didn't ever think that i would love disney as much as i do. i got a print of this picture when i was there in june and every day it still makes me smile.

the swan. the deer. the rainbows and lighted walkway. tinkerbell. the weeping willow.


absolutely magical.

thomas kinkade: snow white discovers the cottage

and this. well. can i be snow white? because i'd really like to discover a happy little cottage all
snuggled in the forest.

both of these remind me that i need to go back.



Karen said...

My friends and I have gone to Epcot while on a short vacation for the past two years (basically an excuse to stop in each "country" and have a drink :) ...we didn't go this year and I'm kinda bummed :( It's such a fun place!

Anonymous said...

can you believe i have never been?? talk about a disappointed kid! someday soon i will meet mickey.

mary said...

I've never been, either! Everyone I know who goes, loves it.

{michelle} said...

I've never seen these Kincade's. There is a magical feel to them.