Thursday, May 8, 2008


While there are some things that I cannot compromise on [like work pants and jeans] for the basics and sometimes some great finds Target is where its at. You should also know that I spend at least one hour a week at Target. You have to be careful because with the good comes the bad and I have made some terrible Target purchases [read: crappy seams, shrinking when washing]. Below are some of my latest greatest finds. I'll also say that the Mossimo tank tops that come in about 6 different colors are the best tank tops for layering [or the gym] ever.
Merona blue and white shirt dress. 100% true to size. Albeit a little see through, this dress is perfect for so many different reasons. [note: the first day i wore this to work i neglected to wear a slip and had to go out at lunch to buy some new 'intimate apparel' don't let that happen to you]
The color of this shirt is called 'baby duckling' - that alone should make you want it. If you're not convinced yet, the top has some super sweet smocking-like detail and it is a little empire waist fitted so nothing will be clinging to you. Oh, and it has rouching. If it has rouching I am probably going to buy it.
Rouching and puffy sleeves?! You really can't do wrong here. Scoop neck and a great weight cotton make this an everyday shirt that looks great with just about anything. It also comes in a few different colors + v-neck.
I love white sweaters. Especially thin ones that I know I'll be wearing at night for the entire month of June.This shirt has quickly become a favorite. Quickly. It feels like a tee that you've had for 10 years and I just can't stop wearing it. The birds look black but they are actually a chocolate brown...and those light blue stripes? I need more.

Writing this is making me want to go to Target...

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mary said...

OK, I need to go to your Target. Sure, I've got online, but I need to see and try on and all that. I love the white scoop-neck tee and probably will end up buying that right after I finish writing this.