Friday, May 2, 2008



I have phases when I like to knit and then I have phases when I like to sew and then I have phases when I like to embroider. Basically I like it when my hands are busy. Usually I have three of the above projects going. This leads to a lot of stashing. A lot. I love finding new materials even if I don't have a use for them yet. While browsing Etsy last night I made some major all I have to do is decide!

I like the bottom two fabrics for a little girls dress

What about this for a pair of boys 'ankle biter' pants for the spring/summer? Fishie legs with polka dot cuffs?

This needs a coordinating larger print so that I can make a dress but I love its vintagey feel

What do you guys think?

Also...does anyone have any good sources for boy-ish fabric. There is SO much to choose from for the little ladies but the boy stuff...I think it is hard to find non-cheesy, not car or truck related fabric for boys. I like the classics like stripes and seersucker for the little men in our lives but I'd like to think outside the box and still achieve classic style.

A sneak peek into the shop update:
(the light gray and dark gray denote coordinating fabrics)

Shop Etsy: Starlit nest, Lucky Kaeru Fabric, down shadow lane

I am adding this from ReproDepot because I am in luuuuuurve with it. It is not something that I would/can carry in my shop because it just doesn't fit but man I need to make a little girlie a dress out of it:

Maybe even a summer top for me? Ooooh I love this so much. Add to cart.


mary said...

I cannot wait to see your shop update. I love those pink fabrics...and I agree with you about boy fabrics. I like your basic plaids, stripes, dots (for baby boys).

karey m. said...

that last fabric makes me smile!

Super Zoe said...

Love the last fabric! So pretty!

Am I the only Sk*rt editor that can't sew?!