Friday, November 20, 2009

so i have this friend...

this post is totally not what you're thinking.

but i do have this friend.

who i have known for a total of ohhhh somehting like 8 weeks.

and you know what she did in that 8 weeks?

she made me love her TO DEATH.

and now ... well her little spot beside me will be empty from 9-5.

and yes i will still see her sweet face doing many more fun things like:

drinking lattes
painting ceramics
invading other cities


i will MISS her.

and not the kind of miss that you are like 'ohwahteveritsnotabigdeal'

the kind of miss where you're like WHOAireallymissyou.

the silver lining though [because there is always always a silver lining]

is that this is one of those times that just when you think your life was really perfect, it got more perfecter.

you know that feeling right?

oh goodness i hope you do.