Tuesday, April 21, 2009

we've only just begun

this is our very first picture together. ever.
we carpooled to vermont [for a company outing] and after months of flirting, weeks of being good friends and 3 days of coffee runs and company meetings decided that it was inevitable - we had to be together. we knew there were so many amazing places on the way home that we decided to stop and get a disposable camera. all morning we took photos, talked about how amazing miles and miles of trees are, discussed our love of coffee and held hands the whole time. [isn't he handsome]

this is how we rang in new years with two of our favorite people.
they are our very 'best couple.' [isn't she so cute?!]

and this is our first vacation together.where we got ENGAGED.

sure enough the love of my life proposed to me right in front of cinderella's castle. during this show:

he asked me if i knew what his wish was.

i had no idea.

so i asked.

and he told me that his wish is that i would marry him.

my answer: yes. yes. yes. yesyesyesyes.

because this man really does make all my wishes come true.


mary said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Congratulations!!!! I am thrilled for you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Canon T1i Says: "Good Photos."