Friday, February 20, 2009

the distance

i found out that i cannot run to rap/hip hop like i usually do. it throws off my breathing and then 20 minutes in i feel like my lungs are going to explode but my legs want to keep going.

solution: run to slower music

the playlist:
song - artist - [comments]
boy with a coin - iron & wine [very 'juno']
heartbeat - madonna [amazingly delicious]
i'm on fire - kate tucker [possibly the best cover ever]
blue light - bloc party [still listening to this even after two years]
viva la vida - coldplay [need i say more?]
hummingbird - wilco [catchy and lovely]
the fear - lily allen [omg. new favorite song]
75 and sunny - ryan montbleau band [talent.talent.talent.]
be somebody - kings of leon [mildly obsessed]
time to pretend - mgmt [two words: brit pop]
breakdown - handsome boy modeling school feat. jack johnson [stellar collaboration]
angry dance - the shills [i saw them play a basement show!]
lightspeed - matt & kim [hand claps!]
world hold on - bob sinclair feat. steve edwards [great way to push through the last few minutes]

hopefully this will relax me a little and then i can run for a bit longer.

i'm off to give it a whirl

*all the above songs are available on iTunes. check.them.out.


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