Friday, January 9, 2009

on journaling

i am a writer by nature.

i have a blackberry and i love it but i so poorly neglect the calendar application.

instead i carry around a red moleskin pocket planner that has a page for each day.

i like having a tangible place to write. plus i remember things better when i write them down.

the other day i came across the best idea ever.

an entertaining journal. [housed in a binder]

a place to keep invites you sent out, the food you made, how many people you fed, pictures of the presentation.

i love this idea so much.

there are so many times that i look back and try to remember exactly how i packaged something or planned something and i can't.

enter the entertaining journal.

new years resolution #3: keep track of what i am doing/planning for future reference. in other words, be more organized.


mary said...

I totally agree with you on writing stuff down vs. putting it online or somewhere electronically.

P.S. Nice to have you back, Miss! xo

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